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What makes Soul to Soul energy tools different

Breaking through life's challenges can feel daunting, exhausting and sometimes even a bit scary however, feeling stuck in the same repetitive cycle can feel even worse. True change is never easy, but the alternative of feeling stuck in the same mistakes can make you feel like a prisoner in your own life. 


Soul to Soul offers energy techniques and tools are based in ancient Chinese/Taiwanese wisdom stretching back as far as 5000 years.  These very unique tools and techniques provide guidance and support to people that perhaps feeling stuck and are looking to change how they live their life. This ancient wisdom serves as a guide to help people integrate their soul’s wisdom and intuition into the practical actions of mind and body, thus finding harmony and balance within the mind, body and soul. 

 I started Soul to Soul Consulting to share the tools and techniques I have discovered and the wisdom I have learned. It was in 2017, when I came to the ancient Chinese/Taiwanese wisdom called DaoTong and it's practice and study of the soul (XianTian). During this time in my life, I felt that I was stuck in these cycles and patterns of repeating the same mistakes. Without even realizing it at the time, I was yearning for something to help me change these life patterns. That year I was living in Taiwan and it was my curiosity that lead me to discover the Everbrightness Intl. Company.  Through the help of the teachers and practitioners of the Everbrightness Intl. Company, I began my journey to make real changes in my life and create a more harmonious environment for myself no matter where I was in world. The discovery of this truly unique organization enabled me to continue to say yes to take actions for myself, bring positive changes and balance back into my life. It is my purpose with Soul to Soul to help others initiate the changes they seek and help them bring balance back into to their life.

Email me for more information about how you can initiate change and bring balance into your life.

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