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Trials by donation

Indulge your Curiosity

I-Ching Coaching Consultation (30-minutes)

The first step towards change is usually the most difficult. A 30-minute I-Ching Coaching Consultation by by donation allows you experience the insights of this unique I-Ching technique without too much commitment. It is perfect for those that are unsure about the change they seek or perhaps are just curious about how the benefits of this tool.

Energy Stones (CangQiong LiaoYu) Relaxation Session (30-minutes)

If you are seeking changes within you body and are looking for a healing technique that can help you bring more balance to you body, mind and soul, a 30-minute relaxation session with the LiaoYu energy stones can be the first step you take towards achieving your goals. Come with an open heart and mind to experience the LiaoYu energy.


60-minute Energy Stones (CangQiong LiaoYu) Relaxation Session (single session) 
60-minute Energy Stones (CangQiong LiaoYu) Relaxation Session (10-session package) 

Initiate Change

If you wish to feel deeper and more long lasting affects of the LiaoYu energy healing beyond the session, consider a 60-minute relaxation session. Change is an incremental process. A 60-minute session can help you to sustain and find momentum for the changes you seek.  

Suggest that you first start with a single 60-minute session before a 10-session package.

Cost of a single relaxation session: $195 USD (fixed price)

Cost of a 10-session package (60-minutes for each session): price upon request


I-Ching Coaching Membership

Dive Deeper

A I-Ching coaching membership membership is an annual membership where you are able to ask me unlimited questions during that year. This membership can be very useful for people that are facing prolonged situations and may need more support. This type of membership is also good for entrepreneurs that need to understand complex situations that may impact their business.

Cost an annual I-Ching Coaching membership: $220 USD.

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