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Client Feedback

Getting feedback is an essential part of my XianTian practice and learning

Jessica kindly offered a I-Ching Reading session to provide an additional perspective about a personal matter that I need to decide on. 
I appreciated her taking the time to explain the philosophy behind the practice, and how the tool works. It was clear to me that Jessica is knowledgeable and passionate about the practice, and dedicated to helping people going about life in a more centered and grounded way. I enjoyed the practice, and I look forward to incorporating the I-Ching Reading into my decision making process.
Good work, Jessica!

Paola M.

My experience with Jessica and the I-Ching tool was absolutely positive. If you don't have a clear question in mind, like in my case, you can definitely benefit from Jessica's natural ability to listen to and understand your pain point while gently guiding you to the formulation of a question to ask. I was also surprised by the practicality of this tool, which recommendations are easily understandable and applicable to your daily life. Overall, the I-Ching is a very interesting approach to get a hint/a direction/a recommendation for those moments in life when we feel lost and/or confused. Recommended!

Caterina F.

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