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How to prepare for a Soul to Soul session

What information do I need to provide for I-Ching Coaching Consultation?

I will send you a Google form to fill out before the reading. Please fill out all the sections in the form and submit prior to the reading. It is good to have a question in mind that you would like to ask the I-Ching tool, however if you don't know exactly what to ask I will be able to help you craft a question.

How should I prepare myself for Energy Stone Healing (Liao Yu) session?

It is best to find a quiet place for the Liao Yu session. Be sure to have water on hand during and after the session. It is also best to avoid alcohol prior to the session.

Where do coaching consultations and healing session take place?

Sessions will be held online via video conference. A zoom meeting will be set up prior to the session, however if another video conference is preferred over zoom please let me know.

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