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CangQiong LiaoYu

What are the benefits of CangQiong LiaoYu?

LiaoYu is an energy tool that consists of two amber stones. During a LiaoYu session, I will hold the stones, one in each hand and move the stones over parts of a person’s body to include head and heart. This session can be held in person or in an online setting. It does not require physical touching in order to experience its effects. 

LiaoYu energy can help clear the layers of stress that can accumulate in the body by helping to lighten the mind and heart. Overtime the LiaoYu energy works to help the body, mind and heart breakthrough its challenges. The purpose of the LiaoYu tool is to help the individual to be able to help themselves. No one knows you and your needs better than you, but sometimes it is hard for us to see what we truly need to help ourselves. LiaoYu is a tool to help a person see what they need and for the individual to take action. In DaoTong the purpose for knowledge is not just for knowledge sake, but to use this knowledge to take action.

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