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What is XianTian I-Ching?

What are the benefits of a XianTian I-Ching reading?

XianTian I-Ching is an ancient Chinese tool with a purpose of finding the root of a situation or problem that enables a person take actions that will achieve meaningful breakthroughs. By getting to the root of the situation or problem, you can focus your energy and actions on solving issues from their roots as opposed to wasting time on surface. XianTian I-Ching is about finding the simple truth, but at the same time acknowledging that it is ever changing.

If we think of our life as a tree, 70% is visible to us and 30% is invisible. In life, just as a tree, the visible parts are usually the easiest to describe and understand, whereas the invisible parts or the roots can be difficult to see and understand. In challenging situations, it usually the root of the situation that is the most difficult for us to see. The purpose of XianTian I-Ching is to breakthrough the root of the situation. When we can breakthrough and understand the roots of the challenges we face, we can then take practical actions that will drive change.

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Why should you try a XianTian I-Ching Reading?

If you have questions about what to do in a particular situation or maybe how to deal with a certain person where maybe you know 70% of the answer, but there is still 30% of doubt or uncertainty, then XianTian I-Ching tool may be able to provide you the insight you seek. 

All you need to try a XianTian I-Ching reading is one question. This question could be related to anything that you are going  through in your life. In preparation for the XianTian I-Ching reading, I will ask the you for certain information about yourself, which allows me to specifically identify you prior to the reading. To begin the XianTian I-Ching reading I will use the compass tablet with bamboo stick by tapping on the tablet with the stick. Once the tapping begins, I will share with you the messages I receive through the I-Ching tool.  The messages may vary from person to person and are meant to be practical suggestions the you can act upon to initiate change. 

If find yourself facing the kind of situation described here, then I encourage you to consider trying an XianTian I-Ching reading. 

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